Demi means half in French, the term was later added to the English dictionary. Demi-coverage bra’s today are crowd-pullers. The Demi-Coverage Bra is a variation of the cup, where the cups are one inch above the nipples, covering just half of the breasts. For years, these have been peers of the Full-Coverage Bras, while people still ponder what each to do and what is best for them.


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While being technically called a half-cup bra, manufacturers have made it 3/4 these days, so the cup offers a coverage of 3/4 which is a little over half.

Because the Bra only offers half coverage, women with larger breasts have their reservations to wear it. But a half cup does not mean less support, because 90% of the support for your breasts comes from a bra band.

In each type of bra, the gore, which is the center part of the bra between the two cups, varies in thickness. The gore is shorter in a demi-cup than it is in a full coverage bra. One end of either cup is connected to the gore which is why the gore’s length will largely determine the cup size.

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This can look like a push-up or a plunge bra from the look of it, as it reveals the cleavage. But this is only for women who have a strong cleavage, obviously. In the cleavage the demi-coverage bra plays no part.

A great benefit of wearing the demi covering is that it won’t dig under your arms because it has underwires, since the side wings are shorter, and the underwires don’t go up to your armpits. For petite ladies, a demi-coverage Underwire Bra will be much more comfortable.


A very widespread confusion among women is about those two bras being named. Some brands combine their names, but below is elaborated the original meaning of a balconette bra.

A balconette cup is largely horizontal, with the cups at 180 degrees. They resemble a balcony railing, and most of the breasts are exposed. This bra is always pretty, mainly aimed at giving a sex appeal and it doesn’t fit well for daily use. They come with underwires too, to improve this bra function.

Both the demi and the Balconette Bras come in overalls of beguiling lace and leather. A lot of daily bras from Shyle have demi-coverages.


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Anybody may wear a well fitted bra immaterial of its size. People with cup sizes D or DD or higher can also wear a demi-cup bra as the straps are narrower for larger sizes and some have even an extra hook & eye closure to better support the bust. If you’re too close to get a demi-cup, you can tell from the double boob look it makes, the top portion of the breast spillage would be visible.

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For women with larger or smaller breasts, it looks better when wearing a demi-cup.

What’s more important is what you expect your undergarment to be doing? For example, you expect a nice shape and smooth look while wearing a T-Shirt Bra and in an underwire bra you expect your bust to be elevated a little bit more than normal, making you look younger. Similarly, you’ll find it to serve a purpose when you wear a demi-coverage bra. All this bra lets you do is wear tops and skirts with low-neck. Many don’t want this as a everyday wear bra, but it can be the perfect undergarment for round neck and neck clothing for vessels.

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1. What is a demi coverage bra? or What does Demi coverage mean?

Demi covers or Demi cup bra are crafted with half cups wrapping half of the bust. Demi coverage means half the bust cover, it only protects the nipple and the upper portion of the breast. Demi coverage bra suits cup sizes A & B. If you want to look sexy, choose the demi coverage bra.

2. Do demi bras have padding?

Yes. Demi bras have padding which gives your bust perfect shape. Padding demi bras
• leaves a pushup effect.
• gives a firm lift.
• supports your breast effortlessly.

3. Difference between demi bra vs push up?

Demi bra vs push up

Demi braPush up bra
This is called a half-cup or a minimization of bra.It’s called us push bra, pushing bust-up.
Demi bra cups on low cut dresses flaunt big cleavage look.The purpose is to provide the proper lift and support.
Demi bra has a limited coverage, such as half or 3⁄4.Bra push up offers more coverage.

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