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Bras are a quintessential part of the wardrobe of any woman you simply can not do without. They give tremendous support, comfort, and better breast shape. That said; let us walk you and its intent through some of the most popular ladies bras.

Types of Bras

1. T-Shirt Bra: They’re a must- your wardrobe under fashion. Although they are specifically made for body- outfits, most of the outfits can be worn underneath without sacrificing on comfort, which is why they are ideally suited for everyday wear.

2. Push-Up Bra: Push-up bras are your thing if you want to improve your cleavage look. Under party & bridal costumes, they look the best.

3. Sports Bra: Getting the right support is vitally important when working out. A sports bra is capable of balancing the impact of the exercise, avoiding damage to both the sagging and the tissue. Nonetheless, it’s also important to note that there are various degrees of impact of the sports bras depending on the intensity of the workout.

4. Underwired: If you’re semi-breasted or full-breasted, our underwired bras are your salvation, made with high-quality wires. They raise and protect your breasts, creating a stunning silhouette in everything you wear.

5. Backless: Show off your back wearing our beautiful backless bras for women who come with a seamless, comfortable and supportive band. Below those tricky outfits, the straps and band go invisible, offering a flattering look.

6. Strapless: If you are leaving the neck, or wearing a tube dress, choose strapless bras. With silicone lining around the bottom, they are designed to provide support and prevent slipping down.

7. Plunge Bra: If you are interested in wearing deep-neck tops, enjoy the plunge bras. They cover almost a third of your breasts and have a very deep neckline, being your dream friend when you want to donate those sexy deep neck dresses & saree blouses.

Besides the types of bra, there are a few bra accessories that you can find at Clovia that will make your bra experience a happy one.

Types of Bra Accessories

1. Transparent Straps: Fed up with clear bra straps? Instead, turn to transparent ones that give a cleaner look.

2. Racerback Converter Rings: Try the racerback converter rings if you don’t have a multiway bra & need to style your standard bra under a tank top. For quick fashion, they turn your standard bra into a criss-cross one.

3. Bra Extender: The bra cups fir well on several occasions but the back band falls tight. A bra extender can come to your rescue right here. The additional hook & eye can be attached to your standard bra for a better bra fit.

4. Nipple Pasties: Wearing an outfit that’s so bulky that no bra can suit it? Using just pasties from the breast. Now, get ample modesty coverage without adding your outfit’s appearance.

There’s a lot of other stuff that you should know well too. Here, we are trying to give some of the most popular problems a solution, so that you can have a happier experience.

Bras – FAQ’s

Q-1. Why is a well-fitted bra important?

Response-Well-fitted bras lead to good health as well as other musculoskeletal conditions such as neck and back pain avoid bad posture. That’s why you have to precisely weigh your tape and band size. It should be neither too narrow nor too loose.

A bra that is overly tight will cause suffocation and spillage, while a poorly fitting bra, on the other hand, does not offer adequate support to make you appear out of shape and cause slackening. You can use our bra size calculator to find out in 2 simple steps for a trouble-free experience. All you need to do is weigh your bust and underbust in full, and refer to our map.

Q-2. How to Take Care of Bras?

Answer – Just like anything else, your bra also demands care and protection.
– If the bras have been underwired, lined, or lacy, stop washing them by hand. They can twist and twist, and degrade your overall appearance. Seek to stick to a mild detergent as it allows them to last longer.
– In the case of regular bras, you can wash them by hand or by computer without any delay, as per your convenience.
– You will let them breathe your bras. Hang them outside, to keep them hygienic and free from moisture.
– There’s an average bras shelf life you’ll need to stick to. They should be replaced every 6 to 8 months to ensure maximum performance, comfort, and support.

Q-3. How is a wired bra different from a non-wired one?

Answer – A wired bra has wires under the bust which help to give the breasts a gentle lift and make them look more-perky. An unwired bra, on the other hand, has no wires and takes the natural form of the breasts while providing sufficient protection.

Q-4. How often do I really need to be replacing my bras?

Answer – Six months are considered an appropriate time for changing your bras and testing your size again. But if you note them wearing out earlier, or if the wire starts poking out of the fabric, you know it’s time to turn to new ones. It also depends on how much a given bra is used. Bras used on alternating days can wear out earlier than occasional worn ones.

Q-5. How do you tell if a bra fits well?

Answer – Here are 5 things to help you determine the same.

1. There should be just enough space to pass 2 fingers through your bra straps.
2. The back band should sit horizontally straight on the back without riding up.
3. The center gore should lie flat against your sternum.
4. The underwires should fully encircle the breasts.
5. Neither should the breasts spill out of the cups nor there be any extra room in the cups.

Having said that, there is no denying that what makes a good bra depends on three factors-comfort, size, and design. We at Clovia deliver the best of all three worlds, so you’ll never compromise with your experience under fashion

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