enamor Bridal bra in love


enamor Bridal bra – Our set of Beautiful Brides in love is a must-have for your trousseau. To look at her beautiful self, it’s just that little bit of beauty that every bride wants.

enamor Bridal bra in love
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Dream weddings are composed of three main events – the jittery countdown to the wedding and the big day, the blissfully married moment, and happy life ever after. While we’re sure you’re up to date with your ensembles and suits, Enamor makes sure that your lingerie game is just as great.

enamor Bridal bra in love
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Enamor Women’s Underwire Non-Padded Wired Bra (Amazon) Price – Rs. 1,369.00

The brides of today spend a great deal of time planning their wedding. The wedding set includes details like the location, colors, flowers, lights, etc. In the year leading to the main event, most brides plan their wedding look. But the desire to look good on the outside still overlooks the feeling good inside.

The biggest question when designing your wedding lingerie is what should be a priority, a feeling of ease or sensuality? We think it’s most important to feel amazing!

enamor Bridal bra in love
Image credit: Amazon.in

Enamor Seamless Bra (Amazon) Price – Rs. 404.00 | 27 Jan 2020

It is important to pick comfortable lingerie to complete your ensemble but here’s the kicker-it doesn’t need to be monotonous or dull. Using luxury laces, silky satins or quality cotton to get your dose of comfort. All this spread over a wide range of colors from subdued gold to bold scarlets and sweet violets.

A preference for weddings, speaking of bold scarlets, is fiery red, which is typically generously used for bridal lehenga. The hue is vivid and is a dazzling show-stopper to the bride.

But why stop over there? Choose this elegant satin-coordinated collection to feel 100 percent comfortable, inside and out. The fabric leaves you feeling comfortable while your fantastic quotient gets the exquisite lace detailing tops. And say you’ve opted for a more stylish neckline, one that doesn’t allow the traditional straps, don’t worry, the straps are removable! This style is available in different colors, from which you can choose!


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