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Jockey Bra

Jockey bras promise a comfortable fit, great design, and excellent support that are great in-wear qualities. Bras is an essential item in our daily wardrobes. Hence, ensuring there is no compromise inconsistency is important. At the same time, the need for innerwear varies from woman to woman. And so an expansive range of Jockey bras has been developed to meet varied individual needs.

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About The Brand (miss jockey bra)

Jockey International Inc. is an American interior-wear brand founded by Samuel T. Cooper in 1876. The company was first known as a socks and hosiery manufacturing company before fabricating Jockey bras and other innerwear.

The company has been committed to delivering exceptional quality, creativity as well as comfort, and elegance during its century-old lifetime. This commitment to quality has propelled Jockey bras to become one of India’s most famous women’s lingerie lines. you can now access the best Jockey Bras collections online in just a few clicks.

Types Of Bras You Should Know About (jockey bra types)

As previously mentioned, Jockey has always kept in mind individual innerwear preferences when designing its products. Therefore, you can choose Jockey bras with specific design requirements such as padding, seams, and wick moisture capability among others. But most importantly, the aspect in Jockey Bras that catches the eye is the varied types of bras, as shown below:

  1. T-shirt bra-These bras help to give a minimized look with the molded protection that it provides. In these bras also the underwire ensures complete coverage. You can opt for non-padded and padded bra variants from the collection, depending on your choices.
Jockey Women's T-Shirt Padded Non Wired Bra
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  1. Push-up bra-These bras, in terms of appearance, help to add lift and volume to the bust. Also, the underwire doesn’t pinch your skin at the bottom since most push up bras are wired. It’s rather known to fit snugly at the end of your bust line.
Jockey Women's Cotton Wired Push-Up Bra
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  1. Sports Bra-Sports bras should fit snugly while not smothering the breasts. Also, one must pick styles according to the activity when shopping for Jockey sports bras online. Use low impact Jockey sports bras for low-intensity workouts like cycling or yoga.
    Whereas high-intensity activities such as aerobics or running will involve Jockey sports bras with high impacts. You can also find Jockey padded sports bras as well as non-padded versions online, just like the T-shirt bras.
Jockey Women's Cotton Full Coverage Shaper Bra
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  1. Everyday bra-Seamless, seamless bra cups featured, simple everyday bras are great for days when you’re looking for minimal styling. Some daily bra styles offer detachable straps, too.

Shop for Jockey Bras Online

So whether you’re looking for bras to pair with tank tops or backless dresses, you’re sure to find your pick in priceghar Bras collection. On the platform, you can find an extensive selection of Jockey’s innerwear options for men and women alike. In addition to indoor wear, if you are looking for apparel and accessories such as kurtas or tunics.

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