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Whether or not you like it, the truth remains that you can not do without bras. Jockey is your go-to brand if you’re planning to stock up on some sexy bras in your lingerie closet.

Jockey Women's Cotton Beginners Bra
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Jockey bras boasting quality materials and sexy designs will keep you comfortable for the whole day. Wondering what style to choose? To help you with the online labyrinth of options, let us take a look at some of the popular type of bras that every woman should own:


jockey near me
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Push-up Bras

Standing true to their name, the push-up bras gently push up your breasts and give you the cleavage you want. Padded with silicone gel or foam on the underneath of the cups, these bras lift the breast tissue. They usually feature three different push-up levels, such as gentle, moderate, and explosive.


Women Push-up Non Padded Bra
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T-shirt Bras  

With smooth no-show cups and gentle support, the T-shirt bras are designed to become invisible under body-hugging ensembles. Essentially, they are padded bras, built for daily comfort. So, what’s the difference between padded bras and T-shirts? Well, there’s not much difference technically but all T-shirt bras are padded by default but not all padded bras are intended for T-shirts. A must-have in your wardrobe, a T-shirt bra features various styles, from strapless to diving.

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Full Coverage

A Bra family classic, a full-coverage bra is designed to cover nearly all your breast tissue. Popular among women with larger cup sizes, anybody who prefers a modest coverage can wear full-covered bras.

Balconette Bra  

Elegant and minimal, the balconette bras give a gentle lift to your breasts to accentuate your curves and give them a rounded look. They usually feature wide straps and cups which form a nearly horizontal neckline. These bras are an absolute must when you plan on wearing a wide neck or top dress.

Sports Bra

Designed to give your breasts ample support during workouts, sports bras are more robust than the traditional bras. If you tend to work out regularly, you simply can not afford not owning one for yourself. Such bras stop bouncing and keep the bust tight through strenuous movements. Slip them on easily and make the workouts more fun.

Plunge Bras  

Do you love to wear deep-neck dresses? Show off your sexy cleavage with plunge tops, and lift the oomph level. They feature a gore deep in the center and cutaway cups on the sides. They mold easily to the shape of your breast and disappear under low necklines.

Online shopping sites offer a wide variety of Jockey bras that can be browsed from your home’s comfort. The filters can be used to customize your search and also to compare prices to make the best purchasing decision. Make use of the various secure payment methods to make the transaction convenient and safe. So log on to your favorite shopping site and shop for Jockey bras without any further delay.

jockey near me

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jockey near me

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